Finally at home port, and She is her slip!

In the next few I made contact with Harbour West Marina (HWM), and talked to Miss Linn.   I explained that we did not have a slip for Mizz Fitz.  She explained from the spring storm that the G row should be ready shortly and said that that the boat could stay where she is for now.  She was able to meet me at the harbour to sort me out with access cards, and some general information.  Thank you for the extra effort Miss Linn and Harbour West Marina.

Using my new access card, I used it to access the parking lot and eventually the docks, as well as the washrooms.  Our new home, looks nice as the docks are new, washrooms are roomy and clean.  They have a floating “picnic” area complete with a few big propane bbq’s, all for the use of the members.

The issue of the break wall is still ongoing, and will be for a bit yet.  Our slip is close to William’s coffee shop as well as the outside roller skating surface, and I cannot forget about the great ice cream shop.

I only met one person that was Kevin, the guy who lent us his mom’s slip.  However, as that was temporary and HWM was working on the G dock, I got a call from Miss Linn that my slip was ready and asked if I could move my boat to my new slip.  We agreed that I would do it on the weekend, however, I was able to get my daughter Cara, and her future husband Alex to come down and help me on the Friday before the weekend.

We went down and got the boat ready for a short move.  Starting the engine and discussing or plan of action.  Once the plan was discussed we made the boat ready and cast off.  The pan was to back up into the uninhabited slips behind me.  NOW! You know, if you have been reading my blogs, that trouble seems to follow me.  Well I promise I won’t disappoint you.

In reverse all is going good, backing up the boat and all is good, as we went in reverse I was swinging the bow of the boat to port.  Everything was going good, everyone was nice and calm.  Alex was on the boat with me, Cara was walking around to where we were heading, and all was good!

Not for long….  As we are gently going backwards, the engine shuts down.  I am gently drifting backwards into the, thankfully, empty slips.  So much for a nice calm situation where I was able to enjoy my time with the boat.  With urgency Cara and one of the gentleman sailors from the marina, came running around to help me sort out the boat as we came into the slip, almost like I meant to dock it there.

Once the boat was tied off, I began troubleshooting the engine and trying to get it started.  The Gentle man, whose name I have since forgotten, shame on me.  Said when I get it going to let him know and he will help me at the dock.  Within about 10 minutes, I had some smoke coming out of the exhaust along with water of course, and the engine was up and running.  The sailor came over and said, “I see the smoking, are you good to go”?  I said yes, he said okay, and after confirming which slip I was going to he said I will meet you there.  The smoke cleared up in short order, there may have been too much fuel from trying to start the engine again and again.  Once again we cast off, and myself and Alex motored around to the slip and lined up for the docking of Mizz Fitz’s new home.  To my surprise, there had to be at least 10 to 12 people all there to help me dock. We got in, and tied up. Discussed the potential problem, and told some stories over a beer that my daughter was handing out to show our gratitude for everyone’s help.

Here is where the sailing community really shines in my eyes.  The comradery, helpfulness, but most of all the authentic wishes for success, really struck home to me.  Everyone was very kind to me the new comer to their dock.  The people on G dock were very convivial to me and my family.  I got some great advice, and a lot of food for thought, which I will digest and share in future blogs.  Most of all I really felt welcomed!

So all tied up, plugged in, and secure.  We are ready for our next adventure. For those of you are having fun at my minor calamities, there are more to come, so you will have more to laugh at.  Trouble seems to follow me, so I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Next week I will talk about my adventure with Mike H and Gerry K comes back to go out and help me debug a few things on Mizz Fitz in Hamilton Harbour.

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