Kingston for the weekend!

Well morning came.  It was a beautiful day, as the sun was just coming up. I had a few things I need to do.  Checking in with the harbour master, to settle accounts, and also find out where the washrooms and facilities were located.  In addition I wanted to find out about some touristy things that we could do; contact my cousin Bernie (Bernard), and his family.  As the world is very small, a retiree just happened to move into a home behind him that I worked with in Oakville.  So I also had to make an attempt to meet with Phil K.   There was one more person that I want to call, my uncle on my mother’s side, Uncle Ron, who lives outside of Kingston.  In addition we also need to provision a little, as we didn’t load up with food.

First thing I did was fire up the Kettle, and put it on to boil, and I got my French press ready with a load of coffee.  I started to drift away, and I was teleported back in my mind about the repair to the propane system.  When we sailed from Penetanguishine we noticed the smell of propane.  It took some time to narrow it down.  I was a little shocked, at the repair that was done.  One of the previous owners’ epoxied two propane fittings together.  I think maybe the vibration cracked the fitting.  It was a supper easy fix.  I had some help with experts from work.  Thanks guys!  I mean really it was less than a 2 dollar part, I just need to know what I needed, and as it turns out what I didn’t.  There was a pneumatic gauge on the propane that was not gas approved, so I removed that.

First morning at Confederation Basin Marina

As the whistle blows on my kettle, I am pulled back to the current dimension.  I pore the boiled water from my over-sized kettle, 6.3 litres; into my like over-sized coffee press, of 2 litres.  I have to brag about something big.  I think the smell of coffee and the sound of the whistle woke the rest of the crew.  With everyone up we started breakfast, and made our plans for the day.

We ate well. Johnny, located the washrooms from the night before and the office were adjacent.  We made our way over and checked in and freshened up.  Looking around, I picked the Confederation Bay Marina, for the apparent reason.  We were right downtown.  Right in front of the restored train, close to pub, restaurants, bistros, and stores and shops; all within easy walking distance. From the outside we got to see where Canada’s first parliament was held.

Helpful Crew!

While on the docks heading to the marina office, I noticed this very nice boat.  It looked familiar… then I realized that it was another Whitby 42.  This boat was in pristine shape, with the original owner on board.  He said that the boat was never stored outside. She was beautiful.

Formalities done, I started calling, Bernie, and left a few messages for Phil. I was able to get a hold of Bernie, and made arrangements to meet on the boat.  Phil, we had to play phone tag for a bit, but finally connected.

Bernie came down to the boat, and we had a little social, and a bite to eat and chatted about everything from his work, to the good work he is doing in Kingston to help addicts and many other topics.  We had a great visit with him.  We made arrangements for him and his wife Marie France, to come down for supper in the following day. He had a few things to do, so we parted ways with a plan to meet again.

Phil came down.  Phil was a long time union representative in our plant, and I think he is still a strong unionist.  We talked about many issues today and his perspective on different topics.  Again we had a few sociable beverages, while fixing the world’s problems.  Thanks for taking time to come down and visit me Phil, I truly was happy to see you.

While we walked around the downtown, took some pictures and stumbled upon a tourist trap.  Venturing in side we were looking at the tours.  We took some brochures back to the boat.  We decided to do the ghost tour of the old part of Kingston, it was a walking tour.  I was a little surprised, as Sonia isn’t really in to anything super natural, but she was a trooper and agreed to go, with the warning if she seen a ghost she would be leaving the tour.  We saw a few houses that had dubious pasts, along with a couple hotels that had tragic stories of lovers kept apart.  All in all it was a good walk, and entertaining as well.  Yes Sonia finished the tour.  What was funny is that the guide brought the group to an old house that was haunted, however, the guide spoke quietly almost as if not to let the residents who were staying in the now bed and breakfast, hear her.  LOL well that didn’t work, as 3 or 4 ladies wanted to know more information such as what floor the ghost frequently used, what room, and such.  That is when it came out that they were staying in that very house.  I wonder if they slept well.

Once the tour was over we all went back to the boat.  The girls being tired, when to bed and Johnny and I went out and found a pub.  Ironically, the passage way in the back alley was haunted too.  Nonetheless, we went and managed to catch last call, and we had a few beers.  Then we headed back to the boat to end another night.


The next morning came.  I was checked the weather for our return, in a day or so.  Sonia and got up and we took my little red wagon and walked to the grocery store, with a stop at Tim Horton’s along the way.  We needed to pick up some water, and food, and the ingredients for our guests that evening.  We went the Tragically Hip Way!  We went down the street that was named after one of Canada’s premier groups.  Rest in peace Gord!

I had decided to make a Cajun dish that I had when I was in New Orleans, back in 2006, when I was there doing some volunteer work for Katrina relief.  I don’t even know what it is called, Cajun casserole I guess will do.

Boil a box of spiral pasta, so it is cooked through.           

2 bunches of green onions, chopped and separate the white from the green (save green parts as garnish), (optional peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes)                      

I use about 20-30 small shrimp, you could also add crab, scallops, mussels, etc.                

With a little oil in the pan fry the shrimp and other seafood in the pan with a clove or two of crushed garlic, and the white part of the onions and optional ingredients. 

Add salt and pepper, as well as cayenne pepper to taste. 

Once cooked mix in with pasta, and introduce 3 or 4 cans cream of mushroom soup. More if you like more sauce.

Pour into a baking pan cover liberally with shredded cheese, and cover and bake for 20 minutes, then remove cover and bake until cheese turns golden. 

Plate to serve, and sprinkle green onions.

Bernie came down and picked us up; we went to see Bernie’s pharmacy, and met his partner.  Then it was off to his beautiful home.  He and Johnny went to for a swim, and I enjoyed the sunny day.  The girls stayed on the boat.  Then I heard a shout from over the fence and there was Phil, with a bottle of wine for me.  Phil is a bit of a wine connoisseur, he gave me strict instructions and what to do with the bottle.  Thanks for your thoughtfulness Phil.

Bernie and Marie France, came down to the boat we had a good meal, and a few more drinks and great conversation.  Thanks for coming down guys!

We did a day tour, we went and seen where Canada’s first Prime Minister was buried. There was a few other fathers of confederation.  Don Cherry’s parents, wife and faithful dog blue was buried in the same cemetery. The guide said that sometimes he comes to visit. I was kinda struck by the comment from the guide.  She said, that when he is there he is approached by fans, and he is still kind to them even though they seem to be intruding on his time with his family.

The next stop was the old asylum, which is said to be haunted. It does look like it is out of a horror movie. We also got to look at some more of the Kingston history.  It was nice.

Our time in Kingston was coming to a close.  We were preparing to leave.  I was struggling with how to get out of the tight spot I was in.  My hopes that the boat directly behind me would go out…. It didn’t….

My regret is that I was only able to have a phone conversation with my uncle.   I am hoping that I can get there in the summer of 2019, and find a way to get him to the boat and have a nice visit with him.

Next week is going to encompass a ride from hell in very large waves, to sea sickness, being knocked down to heavy bruising.  Not one to miss.

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slàinte mhaith
(Good Health!)
(pronounced “slancha vah”)

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Can’t wait room read about the stormy passage back!


the dish looks awesome must try.