Hello, I am John and my sailboat is called Mizz Fitz.

I live in Canada, and got excited about sailing around the world when a coworker built an aluminum sailboat and sailed it to Australia.  John G posted a blog about his daily adventures on his way to Australia.  This was prior to YouTube being the thing it is now.

I found the whole notion of daily adventure alluring.  I was captivated and found myself rushing in to work to see the days post. Since then, I have been taking courses on sailing, navigation, survival, first aide, etc; for about 10 years just to keep my dream alive.  Now that I have a boat I need to apply the knowledge to practical applications of sailing.

Sailing Vessel Mizz Fitz is a Whitby 42, a stout blue water cruiser.  The cutter rigged ketch was the last 42 footer built at the Whitby boat works in 1986.  She is powered by a Volvo Penta, a 65 horsepower, MD30 engine.

I have done a few upgrades to her since I purchased her in 2017. In 2021 I upgraded the electronics with a new Raymarine chart plotter, auto pilot and A.I.S. system.   In 2022 I upgraded the battery system, from lead acid to lithium batteries.  Now I have just over 1800 amp hours of power on the boat.  Part of the battery upgrade was a new Victron charger inverter. 

In addition to the electronics and battery improvements I have also started to work on the canvas that was tired and worn.

All this and more upgrades and improvements to come, so that I may circumnavigate the globe.

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